📺 TV/movie recommendations

I have categorized my current fav shows and movies per streaming service, obvs this is how it is for me in the US it may differ for you. But. You need to find a way to see these things..

Movie Theater/Cinema (Americans laugh at me when I say this)
The Big Sick - the best rom/com you've ever seen. sooooo funny.
Dunkirk - please see this in IMAX if you're going to watch it.

Ozark (TV) latest version of Breaking Bad, but no where near as slow paced.
Dog By Dog (Movie) documentary exposing the cost of puppy farming in the US (you will cry, but it's a really important film you should watch).


The Defiant Ones (TV) I'm still watching this, it's a six part show. If you're interested in Jimmy Iovine or Dr. Dre (or anyone they have worked with) I'm sure you will find this super interesting.

The O.C (TV) watching this perfect show for the second time. 


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