So now you're blogging?

Why hello there, and welcome to my new space...

It's been over a year since I started my Youtube channel, I created my channel to document my trip to the US. I had been watching Youtube (bloggers & the like) for some years and admired their work so thought my trip was the perfect opportunity to start my own channel. I filmed vlogs during my trip, then (skipping just a couple of small steps such as getting married and officially immigrating to America!) after I officially moved to America but before I could work, I started doing various other videos related to fashion, styling, thrifting, DIY's and homeware things. 

Throughout the year I had my Youtube channel I had very mixed emotions about creating videos to put on the internet, the more I created, the more pressure I put on myself and the more un-fun it became. I know it sounds silly to say I put pressure on myself considering I had less than 250 subscribers (most of them being my family I'm sure - not that I don't appreciate their support!) but there is something about putting yourself out there in video format that was starting to stress me out. I'm pretty sure anxiety got the better of me and the last video I created and uploaded was in January. I have been wanting to create content every since then and finally (a fews month ago) I made the decision that I wasn't going to create Youtube videos anymore, meaning these last few months had been wasted simply because I had been too nervous to make the commitment to quit Youtube and start blogging. 

But I also believe it is a waste of time to dwell on the past, so, instead lets talk about the future, I wanted to let you know the kind of things I'm going to be sharing on my blog.


I have always enjoyed sharing my life; the process of styling either myself or a scene or my home, taking photos, editing, designing and sharing with like-minded people of the internet, so you can expect lots of fashion and lifestyle related content.

‌• outfits, outfit details, diy's, styling tips, top 5's, hauls, thrifted finds, thrifted style, thrifted looks, 
‌• homeware finds, thrifted homeware, shelfies, styling for your home and LOTS of plants will be featured
 ‌• my thoughts on fast fashion, minimalism, current events, feminism 

I thought I would kick off my first blog post with my current/ongoing obsession... greenery, in the form of cacti, succulents, indoor & outdoor plants. They have taken over the apartment/garden room/yard and I am loving every moment of it. I feel one step closing to knowing what mother's feel like (obvs cause having plants and a child are basically the same thing), there isn't a feeling quite like coming home from work and checking the growth progress of these little babies. The plants pictured are just a few of my favorite babies, you are defiantly going to be seeing a lot more of these around. I took these photos a while ago so there has been some plant change from what you see here, some good change and some not so good change, (you might not be seeing anymore of that curly lipstick plant below. It's a sore subject. It may have died. I may have killed it. Who knows.)

So here we now are.

I'm super excited to have a creative outlet again and I hope you will enjoy what I have to share. You can follow me on Bloglovin (an app/website where you can follow blogs), you could bookmark my blog or follow me on Twitter @hmmhannahmary and I will let you know when I post! I also post daily on Instagram so come give me a follow I'm wanting to follow loads more people on Instagram to 

I am still wanting to add a few other features on my blog, such as wish list, current tv/movie recommendations and news stories on my mind, but if I continue to delay posting until I get my blog exactly how I wanted it would be weeks before that actually happens. 

So I'll be seeing you around,

(p.s 10 points if you spotted the Taco Bell sauce)


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