homeware & decor🌵haul

Whats up guys
Ya know I moved? I needed to buy some new things ft. thrifted pieces, ikea, world market
So I finally moved! Which meant buying some new homeware items for our new and improved and larger place 💸

🛍 featuring IKEA, thrifted pieces (SAVERS) and World Market

🗒  Please vote in the poll so I know if you guys would like to see an apartment tour - wasn't planning on doing one until the apartment is as I want it which will probably be a few months


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apartment tour & homeware haul

hey everyone,
my apartment tour & homeware haul

So super exciting news is that we are moving to a bigger place and it has a garden yayyyayay (also yay for Pearl, who has now finished her treatment) so I thought now is a good time to show you all round my place before I move out.

This place does not have the aesthetic I want at all really. So this is a video to show you the development of our style/home if anything, not so much showing how pretty my apartment is haha.

I've also picked up new bedside tables/night stands, coffee table and smaller items that I wanted to share with you (if you want links to anything just leave me a comment and I'll find it for you!) ps. world market is my new fav place.

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Peace x 


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thrift haul lookbook & thrifting tips

Hey gang,

let me show you my latest thrifted pieces from my balcony - which is your favorite look? 
I hope you enjoy my lil lookbook - I love creating videos like this, from the styling to the design ideas to the editing, so expect some more videos like this (let me know if you would like to see something particular)

✏️  I added notes in the video so you guys get an idea of the type of things I look out for when thrifting. 
🔮  I've also got some exciting news I'm going to tell you guys about soon, that's going to add so much more to my channel so stay tuned!  _______________________________________________________
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photos | photo walk #6

photo walk #6

new video | photo walk #5

I am back withphoto walk #5

More photo walks coming very soon!

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photos | photo walk #5

photo walk #5

Best Things I've Watched This Month (October)

Hey yall, It's the end of the month (omg) and this month has been filled with Hulu, so if you don't have it, you should try it because their TV selection is banging (movies are okay). But lets talk about the best things I've watched this month...


The Exorcist
Thriller, Horror

Yes, Exorcist the TV series happened, and you know what? It's not that bad, actually pretty good in fact. If you are a fan of the original film or book, its not necessarily a necessity to watch but if you're into 'horrorish' TV shows (American Horror Story) type stuff then give it a go! You do have to bear with it, but it really is quite gripping!

Its aired on FOX on Friday nights, and available on Hulu (you know I said I've been glued to it!)

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
News, Comedy, Talk Show

Okay, this type of show is a little different than expected I know, but seriously the best place to go for political commentary. I have watched Trevor do stand up in England and I've w…

photos | South Lamar, Austin


Best Things I've Watched This Month (September)

Hey gang,
I'm going to make this a monthly occurrence and tell you about the best things I’ve watched each month. This can range from TV show, movies (new or old), Youtube videos, anything!

I wanted to make this a Youtube series but figured it actually made more sense to put this in writing as then you can watch clips/trailers or whatever while reading. I'm not going to be writing essays about each piece, but give you my opinion and some information on where you can watch it etc. (click the title of the show/film and it will take you to IMDb page)
So let's get started...
Black-ish Comedy

After seeing Tracee Ellis Ross (plays Mum in the show) on a Hollywood Roundtable video earlier this year I have been curious about Black-ish. Tracee intrigued me so much, she talked about so many relevant and important issues. 

The first season, the only season I have watched so far, is focused on Anthony Andersons' (plays Dad in the show) struggle with finding a sense of cultural identity …