20 Emotional Stages of Online Shopping

Online shopping is fabulous and I hope you guys enjoy the emotional roller coaster much as I do. 

1. Get to said website *cough* ASOS.

2. '10% off Vacation Edit' - Ooooo! Wait, 'Free 2 day shipping on orders over $75', well how can I refuse!

3. Browse the 'New In' area.

4. Stumble across a pair of really funky shoes that you'll convince yourself will jazz up your current outfits and you'll get so much wear out of...

5. Then remember that the last pair of shoes you thought the same thing about you've barely worn out the house since you purchased.

6. Go to 'SALE' section, (you figure if you spend less money on the fun pair of shoes it's not so bad if you never get around to actually wearing them.)

7. Select 'Newest First'.

8. Errr actually, lets do 'Low to High'.

9. Scroll through all the gross leftovers...

10. Think about how you actually really don't need another pair of shoes.

11. Close all tabs.

12. Think about how you should go to the thrift store...

13. Remember another store to look at *cough* Zara.

14. Add a few pretty things to your basket.

15. Get all excited about your great finds, continue to add a few more things.

16. Review basket...

17. Maybe actually remove some pieces...

18. Leave some stuff in your basket to come back to a few hours later to see if you still feel the same way about them...

19. Totally forget about everything you added to your basket.

(A few days later) 

20.  Receive email '20% off ALL Clothing & Shoes' annnnnd repeat steps 1-19. 


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