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apartment tour & homeware haul

hey everyone,
my apartment tour & homeware haul

So super exciting news is that we are moving to a bigger place and it has a garden yayyyayay (also yay for Pearl, who has now finished her treatment) so I thought now is a good time to show you all round my place before I move out.

This place does not have the aesthetic I want at all really. So this is a video to show you the development of our style/home if anything, not so much showing how pretty my apartment is haha.

I've also picked up new bedside tables/night stands, coffee table and smaller items that I wanted to share with you (if you want links to anything just leave me a comment and I'll find it for you!) ps. world market is my new fav place.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing around, and click that subscribe button if you haven't already so you can stay up to date with the happenings in my life. 

Peace x 


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