Best Things I've Watched This Month (October)

Hey yall,
It's the end of the month (omg) and this month has been filled with Hulu, so if you don't have it, you should try it because their TV selection is banging (movies are okay). But lets talk about the best things I've watched this month...


The Exorcist
Thriller, Horror

Yes, Exorcist the TV series happened, and you know what? It's not that bad, actually pretty good in fact. If you are a fan of the original film or book, its not necessarily a necessity to watch but if you're into 'horrorish' TV shows (American Horror Story) type stuff then give it a go! You do have to bear with it, but it really is quite gripping!

Its aired on FOX on Friday nights, and available on Hulu (you know I said I've been glued to it!)

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
News, Comedy, Talk Show

Okay, this type of show is a little different than expected I know, but seriously the best place to go for political commentary. I have watched Trevor do stand up in England and I've watched his documentary, so I already knew he was going to be a good bundle of laughs, but I was concerned he was going to be another guy going to American TV blurring in with the rest of them. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. He is so hilarious, I have been watching every episode, and I think you should too. I think about what hes going to say when I hear new 'political' (trump) stories, and look forward to watching his show at the end of the day.
 Trevor is South African, and I think his outsider perspective is just what I needed(/what the rest of the country needs to hear), being an outsider myself, he honestly, nothing I say would do him any justice, just watch him. I have my brother hooked back in England, and he watches all his clips on Youtube, so if you are reading this beyond this great American land check out his Youtube HERE

Comedy Central and you know is available on Hulu! 

Crime, Drama  

"The lives of Police Officers working for the Los Angeles Police Department." - sums it up basically, I've really enjoyed the first season so far, it's a show you just put on the TV while your doing stuff but you end up sitting directly in front of the TV for hours.

You know the drill - Hulu!


Addicted to Fresno
Comedy, Drama

Found this little jem on Hulu. Strong female cast (I know I shouldn't have to say this) but I love it when I come across them. The film is a dark comedy (yes, my fav) follows two sisters who work as hotel maids in Fresno, when guess what? siht hits the fan.  
City of Gold
Biography, Documentary

One chilled Sunday my husband and I stumbled across this documentary about LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold. We had just seen a little bit of him in a Vice Street video about food in LA, so we were intrigued. At the surface of things I thought it was just about Jonathan talking about the best food places in LA, but I learnt so much more than this. Gold essentially helped define a city by what it eats, at a bargain price, in unexpected places.

Guess where it's available?




I know this film is now out in cinemas, but I am still yet to see it. But be reassured I will. This film looks outstanding, the trailer left me speechless. Move over Boyhood.

Good Girls Revolt

So this first season has been released the same day I am writing this, so I want to watch it all and ponder over it (haha) before I put it in my best TV show section. But from what I've seen and read it sounds amazing. Think Mad Men, but the women fighting back. It's a news magazine, where the women do all the work researching and men get all the credit and bylines - oooo it's time to get angry I think.

Now available on Amazon Prime


The Breakfast Club
This radio station is so famous, I've never heard of them, and as white girl as it's going to make me sound I found them after they did an interview with Lena Dunham, and now I'm so addicted to watching/listening to them. They do 30 minute/hour interviews with lots of different types of people. I watched Pete Davidson on the show the other day, that was a goodun...

SNL (Saturday Night Live)
The first time I saw this show I was so confused, different people host it? different comedians are in different sketches writing different parts? is this a play? is this the Amanda Show? Honestly my mind was blown. I prefer watching selected sketches on Youtube rather than watching the whole show. Their election mockery is so funny, watch it HERE


Maggie Rogers - Alaska
Both the music and the video are awesome.

I hope you guys found something you liked. Please let me know anything you did enjoy and also let me know (comment below or use any social media) if you've seen anything recently that others should check out. I would love to create a sharing environment for everyone

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