Best Things I've Watched This Month (September)

Hey gang,

I'm going to make this a monthly occurrence and tell you about the best things I’ve watched each month. This can range from TV show, movies (new or old), Youtube videos, anything!

I wanted to make this a Youtube series but figured it actually made more sense to put this in writing as then you can watch clips/trailers or whatever while reading. I'm not going to be writing essays about each piece, but give you my opinion and some information on where you can watch it etc. (click the title of the show/film and it will take you to IMDb page)

So let's get started...



After seeing Tracee Ellis Ross (plays Mum in the show) on a Hollywood Roundtable video earlier this year I have been curious about Black-ish. Tracee intrigued me so much, she talked about so many relevant and important issues. 

The first season, the only season I have watched so far, is focused on Anthony Andersons' (plays Dad in the show) struggle with finding a sense of cultural identity while living with his family in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood

Season 3 is airing on ABC at the moment, available on Hulu.

Drama, Thriller, Crime

Bear in mind I am going to be biased as this is in my opinion the best TV show that has ever existed

So the perfection that is Mr Robot came back with their second season, and this show just gets better and better. If you liked the first season, you will like the second as things spiral, getting deeper and darker. In case you've been living under a rock, the show is based around Elliot (Rami Malek) a young programmer by day and vigilante hacker by night.

Available on Amazon Prime.

Action, Adventure, Western

So I got to see this movie in IMAX for free, thanks to a movie preview held by Sony Pictures. I didn't have high hopes for this movie, given the cast, the western story, it seemed like one of those films where you know how things are going to go, predictable whatever. But it was actually really funny, Chris Pratt brought the movie to life and although the film is set in 1800's it does have a modern feel.

Given the action nature of the film it is a good movie to see in the cinema so give it a go if it's playing near you.

Drama, Thriller

I happen to stumble upon this on Netflix. I'm a fan of thrillers, a fan of Adam Driver, and love films about strange relationships plus it has the beautiful backdrop of New York, I was sold. It's a strange film, but so glad I watched it. The film has quite a different format to it, almost like book chapters so if you get at least 30 minutes in, keep going, it is worth it!


Obviously I can't write much about a film I haven't seen so I'll explain to you my logic or why I watch the trailers I watch, and how I find them.

I am subscribed to Movieclips Trailers and Movieclips Film Festivals & IndieFilms on Youtube, so I often find new trailers on their channels. As trailers usually use the most famous person in the movie on their thumbnail or use their name in the title, that is one of the ways I judge whether to watch a trailer, if I see an actor I like. I will also check every now and then on IMDb, checking their Most Popular or Most Recent trailer sections. I will also look at the pages of actors, directors, cinematographers, writers and production companies I like to see the work they have coming out.

Anywayyyyy, I've seen these recently and think you should check them out

Release Date USA: December 28, 2016
I'm a huge Adam Driver fan!

Drama, Thriller
Release Date USA: 10 March 2017
I'm a huge Kristen Stewart fan!

Nocturnal Animals
Drama, Thriller
Release Date USA: 9 December 2016
Jake G is my man, saw he was working on this a while ago so was so excited when I saw this. Tom Ford (fashion designer) wrote/directed this too, plus fun fact he's from Austin, Texas (where I currently live)



I have a little problem when it comes to pizza. It has gotten so bad that you would not believe the amount of pizza documentaries I have watched. If you have a big ole obsession with pizza, or New Yorkers, check out Munchies channel here and look for anything Pizza related, or food related if pizza isn't your thing.


I discovered Alex Prager's work while I was at Uni and fell in love straight away. Her work focuses on crowds by means of photography and film. Her new work is beautiful....

Also I follow her on Instagram so I can stay up to date with her stuff, this is a good idea to check out artists you like on social media as it can be really hard to keep up to date with them sometimes. 

I hope you guys found something you liked. Please let me know anything you did enjoy and also let me know (comment below or use any social media) if you've seen anything recently that others should check out. I would love to create a sharing environment for everyone

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