new series - updated website

Hey guys,

I have been editing all day and have finally collated the series I have been wanting to make since being here in America, check it out HERE

Obviously there is waaaay more to come! I now have my baby (iMac) back in my Texan life, so editing and being organised is now a lot easier. I will be updating my website over the next week and look forward to getting my sh*t together, I'll be adding some older work I have been created in the 4 months I have been here as well as keeping my website up to date with new work (how many times have I said that!?) Does anyone else sometimes just get carried away with Instagram leaving behind the good old traditional website? 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and leave me links to any new work you have been creating, would love to check it out (it doesn't need to be new, I don't know why I said that haha)

Have a super weekend!


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